Paul Carter's favourite photography spots

15 / Jan / 2020 - Category: Malvern Wedding Suppliers News

Paul Carter

"I love photographing at Malvern College... it's difficult to imagine a venue with a more jaw-dropping sense of grandeur!
The biggest photographic draw has to be the main college building and its incredible backdrop for formal portraits. Whether you're photographing the married couple, bridal party or the entire wedding guestlist, you can fit everyone on the steps with ease. It's not just the huge facade that provides photo opportunities: there are plenty of nooks and crannies around the grounds for intimate shots too; such as steps, stairwells, statues and plenty of trees and greenery to frame the scenes.
The Memorial Library is a photographer's dream when it comes to photographing the vows... so often, when the "I Dos" take place in a dimly-lit church you'll see the photographer sweating as they try and utilise all the available light without having to resort to using a flash! Not so at Malvern College - here, the huge windows and vaulted ceilings guarantee a space bathed in light... and a happy photographer! The soft interiors of the reception space are also great for photography: providing plenty of textures for contrast and loads of room to capture guests strutting their stuff on the dancefloor as the night draws on. And the food looks great too!"
Thank you Paul Carter for such a beautiful description of what it's like to photograph here at Malvern College.